5 Tips to Take Better Photos

One of the easiest ways to take excellent photographs is by taking pictures of an interesting subject. Taking photos of exciting objects or subjects is the more straightforward way of making great photos. Here are photography tips that can help you improve your photos.

Select an interesting subject
So where can you find these exciting subjects? They can be four from anywhere around you, from the simple street scene, stormy landscape to a local park or a flower in your home garden. What you need to do is to walk around your neighborhood and find something interesting to photograph.

Light quality
Light quality is another thing that you need to put into consideration. Pay attention to light quality at any given time. The amount of light that hit your object affects the quality of your photos significantly. You need to take care of the two types of light that hit your object, the light color, and how diffused or harsh the light is. The most preferred light is one with a golden tone; this occurs at sunrise or sunset. This is the main reason why many photographers prefer taking photos at this particular time of the day.

 Carefully compose your photographs
Taking pictures is not just about pointing and shooting; the best procedure is to follow the rule of thirds; this rule works by splitting your image into thirds horizontally and vertically.
You have to observe the leading and converging lines, the golden triangle and golden spiral. Ensure they are in the right position.

Check the exposure
Digital cameras offer an excellent option to check your photo on camera’s rear LCD. Make sure the picture is exposed correctly before taking your photos.

Reduce camera shake
The camera shakes leads to poor quality photos. As a photographer, you have to ensure your camera is very stable before taking any pictures. A steady camera leads to high-quality images – read article on how to take good portraits with a digital camera.

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